This Christmas, I choose not to be lost in nostalgia, not to go on a shopping spree, not to attend events, not to eat more.

I want to feel the warmth and the real joy of Christmas without spending my energy in the wrong way, in the wrong places.

Simplicity and awareness will help me to do so.

I slow down and I open my heart to feel.

I live engaging all my senses- I really see, hear, feel, smell, taste, embrace – without being lost in “must” and “have to”.

I don’t worry about what has happened and what is going to happen. I stay in the present and I enjoy every single moment. Mindfulness supports and encourages me to calm down and see clearly.

I choose the pleasure of simple things, of good company, of my beloved ones, of music.

My heart is open. I don’t expect an event to happen. I create it, with my mind, with my heart. I paint it in my own colours. I make the moment unique for me and those I love.

I focus on those which have real value for me. I am compassionate with other people and myself.

I feel grateful for those I have. I accept myself, I accept what I feel, my body, and the people around me as they are.  Without criticism.

I taste every little joy and try to increase love and happiness around me.

Awareness exists in me and helps me to live the holidays to the full and dream of the New Year.

Let awareness be a precious gift, a gift we are going to discover inside us these days.


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