Today, in our JYOTI Yoga Center, we discussed, comprehended, and became aware of the process anger is coming over. We strengthened our defenses to release its bad energy out of our body and convert it to a diving force. We thank all participants kindly. In response to your requests, we will let you know when this workshop is about to take place again. Namaste

Participants’ Comments

“We thank for the useful and valuable knowledge we gained! The combination of theory and practice is very helpful and essential; all of us can use it in our own way!!!”

“The highly knowledgeable presentation combined with the friendly atmosphere offered me a useful tool to manage anger and other feelings, as well. Practical examples from both work environment and daily routine, along with our participation, made the seminar fun and easy to understand. It’s time for us to practice what we have been taught! You know, I myself thought too much about the 5 JYOTI YOGA ways of welfare. Thank you! See you on the mat!»

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