We live each moment

We breathe in, we close our eyes, we breathe out, we breathe in, we dream…
We love, we fall in love…. we fall in love with our partner again.
We set our heart free to love all the world, all individuals. We go outside… even if it rains. We walk in the forests… we walk barefoot on grass, in contact with nature. We enjoy our food, every bite of it. We welcome every day to live each moment to the fullest. We take risks. We follow our enthusiasm.
We always ask ourselves about what we love to do. We spend much of our time on hobbies. We turn the TV off, we read more. We travel. We discover Greece, we discover countries all over the world. We practice yoga everywhere.
We always affirm what is important for us and we give our time to that.
We take care of our time, it is not meant to be stolen.
We don’t want to leave important things defenseless at the mercy of the insignificant ones. We are optimistic. We replace negative thoughts with positive ones. We change, we change, we change. We embrace our fears. We walk in the direction of our fears. We have the strength to fight for what is changeable and the courage to live with what cannot be changed.
We slow down. We take pleasure in what we do. We rest. We empty our minds, to think creatively. We touch people. We actively listen to people. We volunteer. We play like children do. We live like children. We keep on learning …for ever. We do not label people. We break our habits. We discover a new routine every day. We laugh to the point of tears. We get away. We lose control.
We live every day, every moment.
Today. Now.
We breathe in, we close our eyes, we breathe out, we breathe in, we dream…