Race for the Cure JYOTI YOGA was there, to warm up the runners, to support, to inspire, to be inspired!!!


Welcome to therapeutic JYOTI YOGA.

JYOTI YOGA, specializing in YOGA THERAPY, totally supports people who have been called to manage difficult physical challenges, after injuries or chronic illness diagnosis.

Using a complete model of support, based on the 5 JYOTI YOGA fundamental points of wellness, in JYOTI YOGA we approach therapeutic yoga as a vital connection of mind, body and spirit.

JYOTI YOGA therapeutic programme is planned for people who:

  • want to replace old bad habits with new ones
  • rarely or never work out
  • suffer an injury
  • live with chronic illness or pain
  • try to deal with daily routine after surgery, mastectomy, chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • are called to manage feelings of anger, stress, depression or low self-esteem.

Through specific programs of alternate body postures, we create a high level of mind clarity. Mind, body and breathing are in tune. As poses change, mind and body experience serenity and inner peace. The breathing uniquely reflects the mind and helps it to move away from negativity and nourish positive thoughts and action.

In this way, we actively sympathize, we encourage and support the participants to cultivate mindfulness, to manage daily routine effectively, to enjoy the contact with their bodies and themselves, to dream, to set goals, to create, on an everyday basis, a higher level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

For more information and participation in our group or personal JYOTI THERAPY classes, please contact us.