My vision and mission has always been what we almost all of us have in mind.

Not to go where life leads but to take my own step.

​​Feeling stressed or bored at times, either taking a stumbling or a steady step, a quick or a slow one, this step has always been totally mine.

It doesn’t matter if it took me a ​long time or not, no one was keeping the time after all. Nonetheless​, ​this step lead me on to yoga.

Downward Dog, Lotus or Warrior II poses were not the point at first…I did not even care. What mattered was only myself or better a most improved self.

The poses that followed sometimes seemed either easy or difficult and other times I thought they were completely unachievable.

With the first steps you take, wings come along too. Because of the love I experience, these wings become stronger and stronger.

I met people along the way, I met companions in this mind and body journey, in this dream journey.

All of us together travel towards a very close destination, towards our inner world.

You know this journey is ten times more painful but it is all worth it.

Especially because you know that each time you visit it, it is more beautiful than the previous time you were there.

In the beginning, it is beautiful only to you but it eventually becomes beautiful to all.

Luckily enough it does not happen at once. Well begun is half done, so let’s start!

Let’s awake ourselves, let’s take care of ourselves, let’s love ourselves!